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                             An Independent Quality Imports Car Automotive Repair Shop Since 1991 .                                                

We Do More Than Just BMW,Mercedes,Mini Cooper Service And Repairs. We Service Audi, VW, Audi, Volvo, Saab, Land Rover, Porcshe, Jaguar, Delorean, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda, Nissan, Toyota Including Hybrid Car, Scion, Mazda, Subaru And Also Service Jeep.



More Than 38 Years Of Combined Experience,Quality Workmanship,Competitive Pricing,Quality Factory OEM Parts And Integrity And In Addition To Our Top Quality Service In Today's Automotive Repairs Industry,With State Of Art Equipment,Expertise,Technology And A Life Time Commitment To Excellence And We Are Proud To Serve You Each And Every Time!  


For Special Complimentary Discounts   Please, See Our Discounts Web Page !!

 For Appointment And Or Any Questions You May Have, Please Call Al Today!
(425) 746-7141    Open 6 Days A Week    Monday Thru Saturday

Hours Of Operation: 8.00 AM To 6.30 PM On Week Days.  Saturday From 9.00AM To 4.30 PM  And Key Drop Off  Is  Available !  

Img130.png Major Credit And Debit Cards Accepted. We Are Licensed And Bonded.


         We Are An Authorized Castrol, Bosch And Interstate Battery Service Center.    

 Img49.png With Direct Access To Factory Manual And TSB
Bulletins And Our Expertise, We Do The Repairs
Right, The First Time And All Repairs Performed By ASE Certified Technicians Who Care And We Go The Extra Miles To Solve Your Vehicle Problems And Issues! 

We Provide Our Parts And Labor With 18 Month Or 18,000 Miles Warranty which Eever Occur first. Our

Remanufactured Transmission offer 2 Years Or 24,000 Miles And Rebuilt Engine With 3 years Or 36,000
Miles Unless it's stated by Part Manufacturer and or most dealer ship Parts Which Is Warranted  1 Year

Or 12,000 Miles.
We Do Extended Warranty Repairs And We Can Preserve Your Car Factory Scheduled Maintenance While Your
Car Under Warranty Per Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance Lists, Specifications And Requirements.

castrolbottle121.pngImg16.gif Castrol Oil Protects In Ways Other Oil Can't.

The Proper Fluid Changes Of Correct Viscosity And Absent Of High Quality Fluids And Parts, Also Correct Repair And Service Procedures Per Factory Specifications As It Is Recommended By Most Car Manufacturers Under Scheduled Maintenance Lists And Your Repair Shop Recommendations Are The key Vitals Of Owning A Car Without UN-Expected And Expensive Mechanical Break Down Except Regular Mechanical Wear And Tears During Normal And Severe Use. You Can Avoid High Cost Of Major Repairs Such As Engine And Transmission Repairs,Drive Trains,Fuel Management,Emission Components And Other Important Mechanical Components Of Your Car Just By Just Following Up On Your Vehicle Prevention And Scheduled maintenance Lists. You Will Enjoy A Longer Lasting Vehicle And A Better Resale Value Later And Get Extra More Miles Out of Your Car Use And Ownership.  

              We Are Celebrating Our 20th Years In Business With Your Loyalty.

Img89.gif Our Complimentary Special Oil Change For Our Synthetic Blend And First Time Customer Appreciation For The Month OF November And December Only Starting From $58.98 Up To 4.5 Qrts OF Castrol Synthec Blend 5/30W 10/30W And 5/20W Synthetic Blend Are Slightly Higher Price For 6,8 Cylinder Engine For Japanese And Or European Cars.Synthetic Motor Oil And BMW Synthetics Oil Change Starting $118.98 Up To 7.5 Quarts And Mercedes  Synthetic Oil Change With Mobil 1 And Or European Formula Synthetic Formula Starting $138.98 And With MB Fleece Longer life Filter Just Add $8.00 Extra! Discounts And Our Special Offer Are Good Through End Of March 2014 And By Appointment Only!


Introducing Mobil Syntec * lurbo Moly * Red Line * Pentosin * Castrol Lubricant Products;                         

main_img3 pentosin1.pngImg116.png Img138.pngImg148.pngImg112.png


 Castrol GTX Motor Oil Available In 5/30,5/20,10/30,10/40 And 20/50W Including Castrol High Mileage And Anti-Sludge Formula And The Castrol Syntec Formula Available In 5/30,10/30,5/40W   And The Unique Molecular Bonding Castrol Syntec 10/60WAlso Called RS 10/60W Or Castrol TWS Which Is Recommended For BMW M5 And Z8 Series With S62 Motor Up To 3/2000 Production Date For More Detail Visit Castrolusa.com We Also Carry Mobil Syntec In 5/30,10/30 0/40W Which is Recommended For All Mercedes Vehicle From 1999 And Up. In Addition; We Only Use BMW High Performance Synthetic 5/30W Motor Oil On All BMW 1998 And Newer Models As Recommended By Factory And For Mini Cooper We Use Your Choice Of Castrol Or Mobil Syntec. We Recommend Synthetic Oil Service Once A Year Or Every 10,000 Mile At Least.We Also Offer Red Line And Lubro Moly Products Which Are Other Excellent Lubrication Products Such As Red Line 75W 140 Oil Which  Is Recommended For Newer BMW With Manual Transmission And Did You Know That BMW High Performance 5/30W Motor Oil Is Castrol Syntec 5/30W Made And Bottled For BMW. If You Look At Engine Oil Filler Cap,Factory Recommend Castrol Only! So Don't Settle For Any Cheaper Lubrication Products If You Are Looking For A long Lasting Vehicle With Less Mechanical And Expensive Break Down  

We Are An Authorized Castrol,Bosch And Interstate Battery Service Center And Now We Do Other Brands!

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 Interstate Battery Special All Winter $20.00 Off Retail Price!

Interstate Battery Meets All Car Manufacturer Battery Specifications,High Qualit,New Built,Durable,Fresh And With Great Warranty! Why Pay Twice For A Low Cost Cheap Rebuilt Battery Else Where.The New Interstate Batteries Are Available In 75 And Or 85 Months Lasting 5 To 7 Years And Backed Up With 24 Or 30 Month Free Replacement And Pro-Rated Thereafter.We Carry BMW,Mercedes And European OEM Batteries Made By Interstate Battery! Did You know Interstate Battery Also Make Batteries For Industrial,Golf Car,Motorcycle,Lawn & Garden, Agriculture,Medical And Heavy Duty Truck And Machinery.


 $30.00 Off Retail Price On Quality Remanufactured Bosch And Other Brands Alternator And Starter!

Bosch Ultimate Protection Plan On High Quality Re-Manufactured And New Alternator And Starter With
One Year Unlimited Miles Warranty Plus 2 Years Free 24 Hours Road Assistance Emergency Of Jump Start
And Or
Free Towing In Case Of Unit Break Down.


 Is Your Check Engine Light Or Any Other Warning Light On Your BMW And Mini And Related Part Replacement Has Not Solved The Issue Or The Circuit? We Can Do All Your BMW And Mini Cooper Electronic Components Diagnostic Including Engine Control Updates,Programming And Coding Of Other Controller Module Such As ABS/ ASC/Air Bag/instrument Cluster With Factory latest Software Utilizing Auto Logic Diagnostic System Including Engine Tuning And  Performance UpGrades With Our High Tech Diagnostic Scanner System Just like The Factory Does Up To The Latest Year And Model. Not Always Problem Of Engine fuel Control Management Or Other Control Modules Require Part Replacement But Certain Coding,Upgrade Adaptation,Resetting And Re-Programming Need To Be Done That Ordinary Scanner Can't Do And Therefore; Software Upgrade Can Solve Some Of Engine Driveabilty Issue Rather Than Part Replacements As Your Dealer Technicians Recommend Most Of The Time.


Img129.png We Do BMW, Mini Cooper Engine Tuning And Performance Up Grade Increasing Engine Horse Power From 20 Up To 100HP Depending On Your Engine Control Module(DME) Without Adding Any Chips And Unnecessary Extra Costly Module And The Messy Wiring Installation And No Need For A Dinan Chip!!! We Simply Perform Tuning Performance Utilizing
Auto Logic System By Simply Down Loading Software Onto DME And Our Upgrade Software  Currently Available Up To 2010 Year Model.
A Clean And Less Costly Approach To Today's BMW And Mini Cooper Engine Tuning And Performance. Please Call Al For Pricing And More Details! 

 Img149.gif  We Carry Bosch, Vaelo And Premium Icon Wiper Blades !             

How Many Pieces Of Parts Your Car Made Of And Car Manufacturer Uses Different Parts Suppliers
In Order To Built And Complete Their Car Design Just Like What Boeing Does Expect Dealer Ship Parts Must be Logo Stamped To Indicate Original Parts Or To Be Sold At Dealer Ship For Which We Call These Parts Dealer Item Parts And Or OEM Parts.However; If You Request Original Parts We Will Install It For You Usually At Dealer Ship Cost And Better Pricing!             

Img118.gif We Install Original Equipment Part Manufacturer And Or Premium
European And Japanese Replacement Parts That Meets And Or Exceed Your Vehicle Manufacturer
Specifications.We Guarantee Our Parts And Labor With 15 Month Or 15,000 Miles Warranty Unless
it's Dealer Ship Parts Which Usually Carry One Year Or 12 Month Warranty But With Competitive
Pricing And Quality Workmanship To Install The Parts And Here Are Samples Of F
actory Original
European And Luxury Japanese Parts
Manufacturers That We Use As Our Main Part Suppliers With
5 Times Part Delivery A Day Allow Us To Service Your Car Quicker
Unless It's a Special Dealer Ship
Parts Which We Can Order It Quicker With Competitive pricing!


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      Coming Soon Our Older European & Japanese Parts inventories Will Be on sale!

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Bosch Is The Leader In Automotive Original Equipment And After Market Electronic And Fuel Injection System
Beside Other Superior Parts Products And Innovative
 In Automotive Industry! Products! Visit boschusa.com
Img131.pngImg123.pngImg134.png    Give Your Brakes The Edge!

ATE Was The First Brake Disc Built Multi-Purpose Continuous And Multi-Purpose Con Groove Brake Disc With
Advantage Of Better Heat Dissipation And Also The Cross Drilled Brake Disc 
Which Increase Safety In Wet
Condition,Absorbing Moisture Between Brake Disc And Pads And Draining it Off. Therefore; Braking Action
Start Sooner With Less Friction And Less Force Braking Requirement,A Faster Response, Reduced Heat Fading
Resulting In Great Q
uick Response. In Addition It's Score Free And Inspection At A Glance And Look Great
With Cast Sport Wheel. 

Tired Of Dusty Asbestos Wheel And Constantly You Must Wash To keep Clean And Or Cheap Made Fast Wearing
And Squealing Brake Pads, The Best Solution Is The Ultra Ceramic Pads And We Offer Few Different Brands
Starting With Akebono The Most Popular Brand And PBR To Take Advantage Of Quit And Free Dust Braking!

Brake Special   $40.00 Off Complete Brake Job Or $10.00 Off Regular! Through End Of December! 


Are You looking To Do Sport Racing Brake System Or Upgrade To Performance Braking including Factory Installed
Or OEM Manufacturer,We Introduce Zimmerman Sport Crossed Drilled Brake Disc,Also Brembo,ATE And EBC Sport
Brake Disc And Akebono Ultra Ceramic And Sport Brake Pads Dust Free For Your European,Japanese & American
Cars We Have Access To The Best And Competitive Selection Of High Quality brake Products And Not The Dealer
Cost.We Guaranteed Our Parts And Labor 15 Month And Or 15,000 Miles
Warranty! Please Call For More Details 
And Pricing And For A Free Brake Inspection By Appointment.


jasper engine logo.gif

For Your Engine And Transmission Replacement, We Use High Quality Engine And Transmission Rebuilding Centers
And Manufacturing. We Do Jasper Engine As One Of Our Reliable Source With 3 Years Or 100,000 Miles Nation
Wide Warranty!  Our Rebuilt Transmission Carry 2 Years Warranty So Give Us A Call For A Price Quote!



At Bellevue Motor Works Our Goal Is ALways To Provide You With The Best Customer Care And Service That
You And Your Car Deserve And Our Services Are Based On Your Satisfaction,Long Term Relation And Trust!


                                                                          Owner And Staff Of Bellevue Motor Works